How does it work?

Speeddating is very nice because you have many small dates during one event. In our case, you get to meet 10-15 dates during the event which will last 5 minutes each. 

Love without borders

Here's a breakdown of everything you need to know about the event.

Before the event

You'll get an email from us with some useful tips to prepare you for the event. Make sure you save you confirmation email to show at the door.

The event

After the welcome and explanation we'll dive straight into the first date. Every date will last 5 minutes, after which you will hear a short bell indicating the end of the date. Then we move on to the next. Make sure to fill in your matchcard properly.

The Matchcard

The matchcard helps us and you identify your matches. If you had a date and would like to match with the person, right down their name and put a "yes" behind it. There's also space to put your own notes to you can remember any details you find important. You do this after every date. At the end of the event, you hand in your card (you can keep the notes) and we'll check if you have any matches.

After the event

A day after the event you'll receive a summary email from us which will give you the following information. How many matches you had, and the contact details of each of your matches. The amount of people that wanted to match you but you didn't match with (no names). In case you had no matches, the email will contain a voucher code which you can use to attend a next event for free.