Why pick us?

We want to give you a different experience from other speeddating services, so here's why you should pick us.

Love without borders

Match Guarantee

If you don't have at least 1 match, we give you a free ticket to the next event. We do this to ensure that you get a positive and rewarding experience out of picking us.

Cocktails & snacks

We welcome you with a nice cocktail so everyone starts out on the same playing field. Don't worry, there will be mocktails as well! We've partnered up with de Oude Rechtbank restaurant to provide you some snacks as well.

No akwardness

We welcome everyone personally and make sure no one stands around by themselves. After that, we explain the flow of the night to everyone so that everything runs smoothly.

Conversation topics

You will speak with many people during this event, so to make sure you have some varied conversations, every now and then we drop a card on your table with an original question to ask your date.